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Is there a listing you’ve got your eye on? Or maybe you’d like some help sorting through the apartments for rent in downtown Chicago. Contact us with your timeline, budget and must-have list.


Next, we’ll match you up with one of our neighborhood experts who will listen to your needs and then arrange 3-5 viewings within 24-48 hours of our first chat. 


We’ll take you out and about in different neighborhoods, show you a bunch of different options and help you find your perfect place.

Get moving with SQUARE 1

Want to be walking distance to the best taco or hottest sake bar in town? Need a bigger space for you and your bulldog Winston? Or maybe you’re finally ready to drop some coin on a for real adult living situation. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in downtown Chicago, or perhaps buying or selling a home, our Chicago real estate team is here to assist you in the process. No hidden fees, no slimy salespeople and no wasted time. In fact, we’re not trying to “sell” you anything. We simply help you cut through the noise and confusion of online listings and match all the must-haves on your list, so you can find the perfect place to Netflix and chill.

We're neighborhood experts

Our full-service agents are experienced, excessively trained, and slightly obsessed about downtown Chicago real estate. We have a vast network of apartments for rent in downtown Chicago and we have an in-depth knowledge of each neighborhood, including apartment buildings, neighbors, and local attractions. In short, we’re neighborhood experts. We’ll help you narrow down your options, take you on a tour of the area and find the hidden gems that you just can’t find by searching online. Whether you’re relocating to Chicago or just ready for a change, we’re ready to show you the Chicago we know and love.

Rayford Dillon

Luxury Leasing Specialist


  • Architecture
  • Cars
  • Museums
  • Exploration
I love exploring all of what Chicago has to offer. I believe I've been to all 77 Chicago neighborhoods and still looking to explore more - all of the new things that seem to appear every day.

Elly Patentali

Marketing Coordinator


  • Surfing
  • Journalism
  • Cooking
  • Traveling
Chicago is the most beautiful great city left on this planet!

Elizabeth McGuire

Office Manager


  • My Dog, Hercules
  • Punk Rock
  • All things Historical
  • Trying not to be confused with a Disney show
South Side born and raised, I grew up admiring the city since I could remember. There really is something for everybody here, and it's hard to find that any other place.

Anthony Pawlik

Operations and Talent Lead


  • Hiking
  • Wine
  • Traveling
  • Craft Beers
I truly believe this city has something for everybody. Shopping, the beaches, architecture, history, art and culture – you name it, and I can guarantee you can find it in Chicago.

Jason Dalka

Managing Broker/Director


  • Old Buildings
  • Mountain Biking
  • Dogs
  • Bourbon
Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders

Bonnie Hariri

Sales and Leasing Agent


  • Music
  • Travel
  • Creativity
  • Learning
Chicago to me is a big city in a small town. Always something new to explore but homey enough to run into friendly faces, good food and endless entertainment.

Leif Lockhart

Luxury Leasing Specialist


  • Bowling
  • Investing
  • Fitness
  • Backgammon
Chicago has one of the best layouts for a major city. Beautiful architecture and beaches combined with amazing food and music. Once you familiarize yourself with the city it's a hard place to leave!

Norma Alanis



  • Cooking
  • Travelling
  • Learning New Languages
  • Arts & Fashion
Lake Shore East is one of my favorite neighborhoods, and Lake Shore East Park is one of the city's hidden gems! And, you're close to summertime concerts at Millennium Park. What more could you want?

Rudy Lemus

Luxury Leasing Specialist


  • Whiskey Tastings
  • Martial Arts
  • Architecture
  • Photography
Growing up in Chicago will bring you nothing but adventures and friendships. Every neighborhood has a little to offer for everyone and will amaze you how friendly everyone can be.

Michael Morrison

Luxury Leasing Specialist


  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • History
  • Outdoor Recreation
Being raised in rural Upper Michigan, Chicago was a natural fit for a young college grad looking for an opportunity to shine. Whatever brings you to Chicago, the spectacular lifestyle and midwestern charm will stick with you forever.

Malcolm Scott



  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Photography
  • Travel
Chicago is so surreal. So much that can happen in the blink of an eye and so much to love. This place is special, from the people, the places and the things involved. There is something to do for all walks of life. To me, this city is second to none.

Al’Alai Israel-Dor

Luxury Leasing Specialist


  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • My Faith
  • Volunteering
Chicago is the perfect fusion of diverse culture, cuisine, art, and innovation. Whether you're looking to enjoy the vast food scene, explore Chicago's history of rich architecture or become a champion of social change, this is the city for you!

Liz Quirk



  • Interior Design
  • Yoga
  • Art
  • Cars

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