Fulton River

Where the Chicago’s industrious spirit burns bright.
Fulton River, or Fulton Market, depending who you ask, is the middle child of Chicago’s neighborhoods. It’s hard-working and hip, but not as attention-seeking as its sister, River North. Stop by the Ogilvie train station near rush hour, and you’ll understand what I mean. Like a colony of ants, the people in this neighborhood always have something to do or somewhere to be. The neighborhood’s industrious architecture reflects that spirit. Here, you’ll find still-functioning meatpacking warehouses saddled up next to fully-developed residential buildings.

Let me show you Fulton River

Where is Fulton River?

How to Get Around



A short jaunt from downtown, that’s still perfectly walkable.



The Green, Pink and Blue lines run through Fulton River, but several buses, ride shares, and hundreds of taxis are always at the ready.



Easily bike throughout Fulton River, especially along Lake Shore Drive’s famous bike paths.

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   What's cool in Fulton River?   

Arguably, Fulton River is the best *smelling* neighborhood in Chicago—The Blommer Chocolate Company ensures that! I love stopping by classic Chicago bars like Richard’s, and some of the city’s best Italian food at Piccolo Sogno. Best of all: it’s just a short train ride from the Grand Blue Line to the Loop, and a short walk to the West Loop, making this one of the most conveniently located spots in town.

- Fulton River Local

Chicago French Market

Chicago French Market

If you’re looking to grab a quick lunch, head to the Chicago French Market at Ogilvie. Stalls of restaurants and vendors line the market floor, selling delicious ethnic noms from all over the world.



Primitive sets the Fulton River standard of gritty-chic with its warehouse-turned-restaurant and exceptional cuisine.



You’ll be able to see the colorful decor of this South American restaurant from miles away. The reviews of this place are just as colorful, so pencil it into your dinner plans when visiting Fulton River.

Market Fresh
Fulton River is well-known for their produce warehouses and food wholesalers, making it easy for food locavores to source the freshest ingredients. Here are some of the best places to enjoy the local purveyors in Chicago’s meatpacking district.
Small boutique businesses have found a new place to thrive in Fulton River. Explore the work of upscale artisans in every industry from clothing to bath products.
Specialty Shops


Galleries Galore


Where stockyards and meatpacking plants once stood, art galleries are now open. Just another juxtaposition the likes of which the residents of Fulton River are all too familiar. This is what makes exploring the neighborhood so much fun. On the hunt for fine art, you may find a butcher, a baker or even a candlestick maker.
  • NavtaSchulz Gallery
  • Mars Gallery
  • Fulton Market Gallery
  • Prism Contemporary Glass

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