New Eastside

Tranquil urban living is possible — experience it here in this high rise community right on the lake.
Lakeshore East, or the “New East Side”, literally sprung up story by story—it’s a neighborhood full of skyscrapers and high rise apartments offering beautiful views of Lake Michigan and possibly the best city life culture in Chicago. Just west of Lake Shore Drive, this manufactured micro-metropolis offers plenty of transportation options but lacks a few go-to amenities (like grocery stores and gas stations) due to it’s “downtown” nature. What it lacks in day-to-day convenience, Lakeshore East makes up for it in spectacular architecture and urban planning. With spectacular sights from the ground floor, up, the Lakeshore East neighborhood has a lot to offer in terms of urban beauty in the concrete jungle.

Let me show you New Eastside

Where is New Eastside?

How to Get Around



A pedestrian’s paradise.



There’s nowhere better to catch rail, bus, taxi, or rideshare.



Still pretty bike-friendly for Chicago.

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   What's cool in New Eastside?   

It is an up and coming neighborhood. You’re centrally located to the entire city: whether that’s to Wrigley, China Town, River North restaurants, or to the Beach. On top of that you’ve got the Lakefront path right next door. It’s a 3 min walk to Millenium Park and a 6 min walk to the “L”. If you work in the Loop the most expensive cab ride will be $6 if you work at the Sears (I’m Willis) Tower. Anything closer is $4-5. Great neighborhood with everything I could ask for.

- New Eastside Local

III Forks

III Forks

Enjoy the beautiful terrace of this top-rated rooftop bar in Lakeshore East. It’s got it all, including happy hour drinks, sophisticated American fare, and cozy fireplaces.

Dublin 4 Irish Pub & Cafe

Dublin 4 Irish Pub & Cafe

You may be surprised to hear there’s a cozy Irish pub in the heart of Lakeshore East, but this neighborhood is full of surprises. Stop by for a pint of Guinness, stay for the excellent food and friendly staff.

Columbia Yacht Club

Columbia Yacht Club

Located inside an old cruise ship, the Columbia Yacht Club offers lake-lovers the chance to dance, dine, and even learn to sail.

Market Fresh
In Lakeshore East’s sophisticated food scene, fresh, local ingredients take the spotlight. Catering to the “always-on-the-go” clientele, the restaurants in this part of town marry convenience with conscious eating for the best of both worlds.
Take in the lake and river views as you take a tequila shot. Lakeshore East bars are known for their spectacular views, so make sure to request a table by the windows.
  • Mezcalina
  • BIG bar
  • Island Party Hut
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Get Outside


Thanks to the multitude of green spaces including the newly opened Maggie Daley Park, Lakeshore East is a nature-lovers dream. Everything is walkable, so on any given day, you’ll see dog walkers, kayakers, joggers, rollerbladers and the like up and down enjoying the weather, or cursing it, depending on the season.
  • DuSable Harbor
  • Urban Kayaks
  • Chicago Riverwalk
  • Lakeshore East Park