What is a Convertible? 

Studios are known for its efficiency of a small space and cheaper price. It’s always a good starting ground for maybe your first place by yourself or if you don’t have a lot of things. However, studios aren’t for everyone and sometimes you want a little bigger space and you want to separate your living space from your sleeping space. Going from a studio to one bedroom is a price jump that you might not want to pay for, but what if there is middle ground for that?

Look no farther than a convertible!

“A convertible is like a one bedroom apartment without a door.”  I always say when explaining a convertible because there are only a few differences between a one bedroom and a convertible. They both separate your living space from where you sleep and are bigger than a studio. They also boast more closet space than studios and have a comparable size to one bedrooms, and can typically save you $200+ a month.   

Typical layout of convertibles

You can find convertibles in a majority of neighborhoods in Chicago and are not just exclusive to the downtown market. So whether you are someone that is looking for a step-up from a studio or want a unique layout this is the perfect option for you.